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Wild Strawberry Leaf Tea - Uplifting + Sweet, Herbal Loose Tea

Wild Strawberry Leaf Tea - Uplifting + Sweet, Herbal Loose Tea

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Wild Strawberry tea (contains loose whole leaves of Fragaria vesca), organic.

Enjoy wild strawberry tea at any time of the day to fill you with energy and goodness. Preventive, aromatherapeutic, metabolism-improving effect.

One of the most refreshing teas in the Plūkt collection. Their delicate leaves collect every drop of morning dew and rain to power a harvest of luscious berries.

Taste: slightly sweet.

Color: light golden, clear.

Contains: 15 g wild strawberry leaves, whole, loose.

Making tea: Rinse the tea cup with hot water, it should warm up a little. Insert one PLŪKT tea bag (or 1.5 teaspoons of loose tea). Pour over hot water prepared close to boiling temperature. Allow to infuse for 5-7 minutes.

🍃100% certified organic and sustainable tea

🍃Hand-picked in Northern meadows and forests

🍃Environmentally friendly packaging, recyclable

🍃GMO-free and theine-free

🍃Supports more than 30 family-owned organic farms and protects the natural biodiversity of wild meadows in Northern Europe

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