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Blossom Tea Blend

Blossom Tea Blend

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The slightly sweet taste of BLOSSOM TEA blend combines the most vivid and energizing flowers of wild Nordic meadows and forests, which bloom throughout the year. Experience the sunny summer mornings and the sweet aroma. 

We recommend drinking it in the mornings, till noon. This tea has a balancing, restorative, and invigorating effect. 

Ingredients: echinacea, calendula, peppermint, fireweed, cornflower, cowslip, oregano.

Taste: light, slightly sweet with a refreshing aftertaste.

Color: dark golden, clear.

🍃100% Certified organic and sustainable tea

🍃Hand-picked in wild Nordic meadows and forests

🍃Environmentally friendly packaging, recyclable

🍃GMO-free and theine-free

Making tea: Rinse the tea cup with hot water, it should warm up a little. Insert one PLŪKT tea bag (or 1.5 teaspoons of loose tea). Pour over hot water prepared close to boiling temperature. Allow to infuse for 5-7 minutes.

Packaging: metal box with separately removable lid. Size 90mm x 90mm x 11mm.

The box includes 25 biodegradable tea bags or 40 g of loose tea.

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