Thorne Supplements

Thorne ®  aims to elevate science in their industry and by achieving levels of quality once thought impossible.

They invest in comprehensive testing, sourcing high quality ingredients, and creating a clean manufacturing process to provide solutions for your health. While others in the industry care more about what their products look like than how they actually work, they believe that all the marketing in the world can't replace real science, technology, and the practices they use to manufacture and deliver their solutions.

A commitment to quality throughout their entire manufacturing process.

Using advanced equipment, their quality team methodically tests their raw ingredients, and then their production team meticulously crafts each supplement with the utmost consideration for details, from mixing the raw materials to encapsulating and bottling the finished product. Because they manufacture many of their products in their facility in Summerville, South Carolina, they have total authority over what goes into our products, so they refuse to use magnesium stearate or any other arbitrary filler that can inhibit absorption. Using unnecessary ingredients goes against their belief to design and provide optimal solutions for health. To meet the highest quality standards they also ensure that their facility is third-party certified.

Thorne cares deeply about where their ingredients come from.

They partner with trusted suppliers who share their values for quality, science, and responsibility. They focus on ingredient quality because they believe that with better ingredients, they can formulate products designed for optimal potency, absorption, and digestibility.


  • Incoming ingredients are quarantined in their facility until they are tested and verified.
  • They thoroughly test to verify the identity, potency, and purity of each ingredient listed on their product labels.
  • Designing the next generation of health solutions all starts at the source. And they take sourcing seriously. Their research and development team searches the globe for quality ingredients to use in their nutritional solutions.

Testing & Sustainability

They have two modern, in-house laboratories that enable them to conduct four rounds of testing, while most of their competitors test only once or twice.

Thorne believes the environment should never be compromised for the sake of business gain. At Thorne, doing their part to protect the environment and its resources goes hand-in-hand with their quality standards.