Carmel Berry


Carmel Berry is a 100% Woman-Owned business with a farmer focus. Their mission is to create delicious fresh pressed elderberry products that support their values; promoting health, supporting their local community and their farmers, and living sustainably.

Products & Ingredients

Always freshly pressed, certified organic American-grown elderberries and hand-picked local elderflowers. Did you know that most elderberry goods sold in the US use dried and imported berries and flowers? Not Carmel Berry Co! They go to great effort to use only domestic and local sources, minimizing their carbon footprint and participating in local food systems. 

Carmel Berry's Origin

Katie and Ben Reneker’s interest in the elderberry started at home and quickly grew into their wider elderberry farming community. When their two boys grew to school age, the family started looking into ways to chase off classroom bugs and discovered their fondness for an immune-supporting morning shot of elderberry syrup.* Because the products came from Europe, Katie was surprised and delighted when she began identifying these captivating plants growing wild in her local community. What she had understood to be an exotic fruit was suddenly within reach. And an opportunity to create a business that aligned with her values of sustainability emerged.​ Katie soon began working​ to create Carmel Berry Co., one of the first elderberry brands to source domestically.​ ​From the beginning, Katie tirelessly champions new elderberry growers, offering workshops, mentorships, and grants​ and thoroughly enjoys every opportunity to be out in the fields or sharing with others her enthusiasm for elderberries!