Our Story

Hello and welcome! We’re so happy you’re here. We’re the mother daughter team behind Kali Apothecary, LLC. A holistic nurse and licensed esthetician that saw a need for a collection of trustworthy products and education in the wellness + beauty field.

My name is Kamron. My passion for plants and the natural world began when I was young. I went with my mom to pick up her skincare products from a local seller. We walked into this little shop and the shelves were lined with bottles of herbs and supplements. I thought they were magic in a bottle. I bought my first book on herbs and began reading it every day. Since then, I’ve continued my studies into herbalism, gemmotherapy, aromatic medicine and intuitive plant medicine. 
I also bring more than 20+ years of experience as a registered nurse specializing in oncology care. My interests expand into studying breath work, nervous system health and nutrition.
When I'm not studying, you can find me writing poetry, pressing flowers and creating pressed flower art + herbal products.  
This diverse background gives me an intuitive + grounded approach that is a blend of science and spirit. 
My name is Ali. I’ve personally been drawn to the art of caring for the skin. After years of personal study, I eventually enrolled in esthetics school and obtained my esthetician license in 2019. I practiced for a few years alongside some well-established and well-respected estheticians in the industry who taught me a lot. I took additional trainings and coursework through various skincare companies with an emphasis on managing acne and sensitive skin. 
My passion and curiosity led me further into learning about the skincare products I was using for myself and eventually with clients. I wanted to understand the goals and intention of the products and most importantly, the ingredients inside of those products. I've come to see the many harmful ingredients and trends in the beauty & fragrance industry that are negatively impacting our skin and ultimately our health. 
It's this foundation that led us to start Kali Apothecary.
We love what we do and have gathered a lot of knowledge over the years, knowledge that we're constantly expanding as we continue to learn and grow.
We're here to support people like us, the conscious consumer with a passion for leading a holistic lifestyle that wants products and information they can trust. Products that are good for them and the environment. And, products that help cultivate beauty and wellness, both inside and out.